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Our Services

We provide a range of services in over 200 languages, providing solutions such as complex
multi-lingual requests to a single language interpretation.

Our comprehensive service includes

  • Interpretation
  • Face-to-Face, telephone & conference interpreting
  • Translation
  • Translation Services
  • Transcription
  • Proof Reading
  • Editing
  • Braille
  • Sign Language

Other Services
  • Cultural Consulting
  • Subtitling
  • Software Localization
  • Project Management
  • Voice-Overs
  • Web Localization

1 Translations

To translate means to give the sense or equivalent of in another language or dialect in writing text. Literal translation frequently does not accurately transfer the meaning of the original to the target language. Our translators understand, as does anyone who has learned more than one language, that every language expresses its ideas in different ways. The original translation, such as concepts which are difficult to understand, regardless of how they are expressed. We are only talking about commonsense, standard meaning understood in our normal spoken and written communication.

Our highly experienced translators will deliver a high quality translation within the time constraints set as agreed with you.

2 Interpreting

The primary difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting is involves the time lapse between the delivery of the speaker’s message and the beginning of the interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation is where the interpreter renders their interpretation while still receiving the source utterance, consecutive interpretation has distinct advantages in certain interpreting situations, not the least of which is that consecutive interpretations render more accurate, equivalent, and complete target texts.
Consecutive interpretation is a mode in which the interpreter begins their interpretation of a complete message after the speaker has stopped producing the source utterance. At the time that the interpretation is rendered the interpreter is the only person in the communication environment who is producing a message.

Our highly experienced interpreters will deliver a first class service within the time constraints set as agreed with you.

3 Proofreading

Proofreading refers to the process of reading written work for “surface errors.” These are errors involving spelling, punctuation, grammar and word choice. Usually proofreading is charged a third price of an original translation depending on the complexity and the quality of the translation.

Our team of professionals will carry out your proofreading with a fast turnaround and deliver work of the highest standard.

4 Typesetting

Typesetting is the process of words, images, and logos being laid out and ready for delivery to the client as the final process.

Our team of professionals will carry out typesetting with a fast turnaround and deliver work of the highest quality.

5 Voice-over

The term voice-over refers to a production technique where a voice is broadcasted or recorded in radio, television, film, theater and/or presentation.

Absolute Language Solutions can offer voice-over artists as an alternative to full dubbing.

5 Transcriptions

Linguistic transcription is the conversion of spoken words into written language. It is also the conversion of handwriting, or a photograph of text into pure text.

Absolute Language Solutions is able to transcribe from most media available in the modern business world.

6 Languages

Acholi Sudan
Adengbe Ghana
Dari/Pashto Afghanistan
Afirkaans South Africa
Albanian Albanian
Amharic Ethiopia
Angelo Italy
Appolo Peru
Algeria, Bahrain, Chad(withFrench and Comorian) Dijibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Iraq(with Kurdish) Israel(withHebrew)Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian, Quatar Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen
Arabic Sudan / Iran
Armenian Armenia
Assamese India
Azerbaijani Azerbaijan
Badini Turkey
Baluchi Pakinstan
Bambara Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali
Kurmanji Kurdistan, Turkey
Bari Sudan
Basque France
Baharsa, Tetun East Timor
Belarusan Belarus
Bengali Bangladesh,India
Benin French,Nigeria
Berber Marocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt
Bihari India
Bisayan Philipines
Bosnian Serbo Croat
Brazil Portuguese
Bulgarian Bulgaria
Burmese Myanmar
Kirundi, French Burundi
Bemba, Nyanja Zambia
Cantonese China
Catalan Spain
Cebuano Philipines
Chechen Chechenia, Russia
Chichewa Malawi, Zanbia
Chinese- Mandarin China
Chitumbuka Malawi
Creole Haiti,Mauritius
Croatian Croatia
Czech Czech
Danish Denmark
Dari Afghanistan
Dinka Sudan
Dioula Cote d'Ivoire
Dutch Holland, Suriname, Belgium (withFrench and German)
Dzongkha Bhutan
Efik, Edo, Esan Nigeria
Efutu Ghana
Estonian Estonia
Ewe Ewe Ghana
Ewondo Cameroon
Fanti Ghana
Farsi/Persian Iran
Fijian Fiji
Finnish Finnish
Flemish France
French France
Fujianese Singapore, China
Fula Sudan
Fur Sudan
Ga Ghana
Gaelic Ireland
Ganda East Africa
Georgian Georgia
German Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourge, Italy, Switzerland
Gola Liberia, Nigeria
Gorani Macedonia, Albania
Grebo Liberia
Greek Greece,Cyprus(withTurkish)
Gujarati India
Guarani Paraguay
Haitian Creole Haiti
Hakkenese China
Hausa Nigeria, Ghana, Niger
Hebrew Isreal
Herrero Namibia
Hindi India
Hungarian Hungary,part of Slovenia,part of Serbia
Ibo Ibo Nigeria
Icelandic Iceland
Igbo Nigeria
Ika Nigeria, Columbia
Ilocano Philipines
Ilongo Philipines
Indonesian Indonesia
Italian Italy
Japenese Japan
Jordanian Jordan
Kakwa Sudan, Uganda
Kannada India
Kashmiri India
Kashuri Kashmir
Kazakh Kazakhstan
Khalanga Botswana, Zanbia
Kikuyu East Africa
Kimbundo Angola
Kinyarwanda Rwanda
Korean Korea
Kotokoli Mali
Krew/Krio West Africa, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Sierra Leone
Kru Liberia, Ivory Coast
Kurdish Kurdistan
Kurmanji Kurdistan
Lango Uganda
Laotian Laos
Latin Vatican
Latvian Latvia
Lebanese Lebanon
Lingala DRC , Angola
Lithuanian Lithuania
Luganda Uganda
Luyankole Uganda
Malay Malaysia
Maltese Malta
Malyamlam India
Malay Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia
Mandarin Malaysia
Mandarine China
Mandinka, Mandingo
Marathi India
Marshallese Marshall
Masai Kenya
Maori New Zealand
Mien China, Vietnam, Laos
Mirpuri Pakistan
Mongolian Mongolia
Moroccan Morocco
Ndebele Zimbiwa,South Africa
Nepalese/Nepali Nepal
Nipongo Philipines
Norwegian Norway
Oromo Ethiopia
Pampango Philipines
Pashto Afghanistan
Pathari India
Philippino Philipines
Polish Poland
Polynesian Polynesia
Portuguese Portugal
Punjabi India
Romanian Romania
Russian Russia
Samoan Samoa
Saudi Arabic
Serbian Serbia
Serbo-Croatian Croatia
Sesotho Lesotho
Setwana Botswana
Shanese Burma
Shanshi China
Shona Zimbabwe
Shola Zimbabwe
Sicilian Sicily
Sign Language People with Hearing impairments
Sinhalese Sri-Lanka
Slovak Slovakia
Slovene Slovenia
Somali Somalia
Sonike Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mauritania
Sorani Kurdistan, Iran,
Spanish Spain
Sudanese Sudan
Swahili East Afica, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Swedish Sweden
Sylheti Bangladesh
Syrian Syria
Tagalog Philipines
Taiwanese Taiwan
Tajik Talikistan
Tamil Sri-Lanka
Telugu India
Temme Sierra Leone
Thai Thailand
Thulu Indian
Thumbuka Malawi
Tibetan Tibet
Tigre Eritrea
Tigrinya Eritrea
Toishan China
Tongan Tonga
Tsonga South Africa
Tunisian Tunisia
Turkish Turkey,Cyprus(withGreek)
Turkman Turkmenistan
Twi Ghana
Ukranian Ukraine
Urdu India,Pakistan,Balochi,Fiji
Uzbek Uzbekistan
Vietnamese Vietnam
Visayan Philipines
Waray Philipines
Webo Liberia
Welsh Wales
Wolof Gambia, Mauritania, Senegal
Wuxi China
Xhosa South Africa
Yanja Zambia
Yao Yao Tanzania, China
Yemeni Yemen
Yiddish Isreal
Yoruba Nigeria
Zulu South Africa

1 Translations
2 Interpreting
3 Proofreading
4 Typesetting
5 Voice-overs
6 Transcriptions
7 Languages